Flashback: Summer School “Japanese Law in the XXI Century” 10-14 September 2018

From 10 to 14 September 2018, the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Torino hosted the Summer School “Japanese Law in the XXI Century” (SSJL).

The program saw leading experts in Japanese and comparative law, coming from European and Japanese institutions, giving lectures and participating in roundtables on Japanese law from the perspective of comparative law.

The SSJL offered its 35 participants, mostly undergraduate or graduate students from programs in law or in Japanese studies, an unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge of specific aspects of the Japanese legal system.
The lectures in fact were not simply introductory classes on the Japanese legal system in general, but covered more advanced topics in areas such as constitutional law, private law, criminal law, sociology of law and legal history. Some sessions covered current topics such as the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and Japan.

The SSJL was organized by the Collegio Carlo Alberto of TorinoKeio University, and the University of Torino. The Japan Foundation supported the event, which received also the endorsement of the Italian Society for Japanese Studies (AISTUGIA), of the Italian Society for the Research in Comparative Law (SIRD) and of the Fondazione Italia Giappone of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy.

Here some pictures of the event:

Copia di _MG_5398 copiaCopia di _MG_5419 copiaCopia di _MG_5451 copiaCopia di IMG_5484 copia

Stay tuned for the next edition!

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