[EN] Japanese Comparative Law and Foreign Influences: A Preliminary Analysis

My paper on the foreign influences on Japanese comparative law has been published.
This is the abstract:

This paper presents a preliminary quantitative survey of Japanese comparative law books and textbooks and evaluates the patterns and the extent of foreign influence on them. The results of the inquiry were in accordance with the expectations. In the course of the analysis various methodological problems surfaced, such as the exiguous number of sources and the difficulty of finding formal criteria to analyse and process formally the data found. The hurdles to performing quantitative research about such topics are discussed.

Download the paper from the CDCT website: Andrea Ortolani, Japanese Comparative Law and Foreign Influences: a Preliminary Analysis (CDCT working paper 18-2013 / Comparative and Transnational Law 8, ISSN 2280-9406).

Comments, remarks and criticism are very welcome.



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