[EN] Japanese Business Law in Western Languages

This is a must-have book for all the libraries of research institutions focusing on comparative or Japanese law, politics and society, and for all scholars having an interest in those fields.
The authors did a tremendous work, searching and selecting the best and most recent works in all the areas of the Japanese legal system. It provides the reader with the state of the art of current research in all the fields covered.
Literature on business law is reported extensively. But this is not just a book on business law: besides this, the sections exploring the works on all the other areas of the Japanese legal system give  a thorough overview of the major works in Western languages. Most of the works cited are in English or German, but the book mentions also works in French and Italian.

The literature in Western languages on Japanese law, especially in English and German, continues to proliferate – despite, or perhaps because of, Japan’s economic slowdown after its own “asset bubble” burst in 1990. (…)

In 1998 Harald Baum and Luke Nottage published the first edition of their Annotated Selective Bibliography of Japanese Business Law in Western Languages, building on a chapter in Baum’s compendium on Japanese business law published in German in 1994. (…)

The present edition of the Annotated Selective Bibliography further comprehensively updates the annotated introduction to general works related to Japanese law and the economy, including a completely rewritten guide to finding Japanese business law materials via the internet (for a much briefer version in 2009, see here)



Part I. Introduction
Part II. General Resources: An Annotated Guide
A. Printed Publications
B. Japanese Law-related Online Resources in Western Languages
Part III. Individual Works: Selective Bibliography 1970–2012

(read the rest of the presentation, and the detailed Table of Contents on the Japanese Law and the Asia-Pacific Blog)


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